Jacob Crocker St. Louis Samaritan: About Us

Inspired by the biblical story of The Good Samaritan, we aim to follow the example of the noble neighbor – help those in need and build stronger communities around St. Louis, Missouri. In a city of diverse neighborhoods with each having unique characteristics and style, community groups and organizations thrive in our city, thanks to the impressively generous St. Louisans who are willing to donate their resources to worthy causes in the locality. We are a philanthropic town, a fantastic bubble, simpler and more rural.

Our pride

St. Louis is a great place with century-old homes, historic buildings, and charming neighborhoods. Our city is big, but it still has a small town flavor with communities that are still conservative. Many people see our city as an affordable one, a good place to build a family. Children who get the advantage of the good private and public school system which seems to be already in place.

Aside from our attractions like science center, zoo, and museums which are free, St. Louis is rich in a lot of aspects – history, as well as architectural and natural beauty. It is a great town for destinations to visit and sports to witness. There are good local eateries while shopping is in every metro area’s quadrant. Whatever you want to enjoy, there is always something to do in our city.

The cost of our living is pretty inexpensive. Real estate is relatively cheaper than in a lot of cities nationwide. You can find good deals with houses in the suburbs. If you prefer an apartment in the city, you are lucky as well. Among our advantages from larger cities is that we are not crowded, and it only takes us less than 25 minutes to go anywhere.

Our goals

It is with all the benefits we get from our lovely city, that the Jacob Crocker St. Louis Samaritan aims to maintain and even level up collaboration among St. Louis locals, meeting regularly and sharing information on what everyone is doing. Life in our city is good but it still has a spacious room for improvement. With determination and good intentions, we can influence our own destiny with more freedom, and create stronger local stability.

There are people with skills and dreams in every community. The Jacob Crocker St. Louis Samaritan aims to be the avenue where people come together to convene and talk over issues they are facing. We want to welcome and encourage fresh ideas. We believe this is a great way to identify common concerns and come up with solutions to those. Building stronger communities in our city are essential to increase democratic processes at the local level.

Our communities can become stronger when we do various things together. It will connect us to each other, get involved and build trust. Whether it is sharing food, helping others with their daily tasks, these and more can strengthen resilience and make bigger ventures possible.

Our hope

Aside from our city, our people are another inspiration. Most here are fantastic, loyal and family-oriented. Emphasis is directed to families and sense of community. Just a bit more effort and we are advancing towards spreading together the good Samaritan ways.